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Freecom ToughDrive Sport 250GB review

It's a hard-knock life for ruggedised hardware

Freecom ToughDrive Sport 250GB
The Freecom Toughdrive Sport is a fairly solid offering as far as rugged HDDs go

Our Verdict

The ToughDrive sport offers reliable protection along with decent capacity but we wouldn't recommend taking this on a serious expedition


  • Quite rugged
  • Nice design
  • Handy carry strap and carabina


  • Not suitable for extreme conditions

Aside from the ridiculous outdoor sports styling, the USB-powered ToughDrive Sport is an intelligent piece of design; you just need to look past the fact that Freecom seems to be suggesting it's a climbing accessory.

For example, the built-in rope-styled USB lead clips neatly away and is attached to the drive, so theoretically you can't lose it, and the drive is small enough to fit in an overcoat pocket. Alternatively, you can clip it on to your rucksack using the provided carabina.

The device also features a built-in 256-bit password that should keep your data safe if somebody nabs it.

Despite subjecting the ToughDrive to numerous 2m drops, kicking it around vigorously in a rucksack and letting a toddler do his best to destroy it, there was no data corruption on our test files. We also dropped it mid-way through saving a large file with no ill effects.

As a portable durable data drive, then, it's one of the best at its price point. Just don't bother taking it up Kilimanjaro.

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