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Thieves focus on Ford 'magic chip'

Ford Focus' computer chips will NOT give you free Sky
Ford Focus' computer chips will NOT give you free Sky

It's an urban myth that has been around for years, but a high number of Ford Focus thefts in Leeds have prompted the police to warn Focus' owners that their vehicles are being targeted not because of the car but what is inside the car. More specifically, what's inside the car's stereo.

Thick as thieves

According to Leeds police, some thieves believe that a computer chip inside the Ford Focus' stereo, when placed in a Sky box, will give you free Sky TV. Presumably, they also think that smoking a dried banana skin will get them stoned.

Speaking about the fallacy, Detective Inspector Nick Wallen from North East Leeds Division explained: "There has been an ongoing rumour for a number of years now that a chip within a stereo from a Ford Focus can be put into a Sky box and you receive free Sky TV.

"Following previous enquiries to the suppliers this has been found to be completely untrue. We believe that the recent spate of thefts could be as a result of this rumour."