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See SpaceX's crew capsule hover for five seconds

SpaceX Dragon 2 crew capsule

While SpaceX is still working on landing rockets on a sea barge, it has found success in tests with its Dragon 2 crew capsule.

The Falcon 9 rocket will be responsible for sending the crew capsule, which sits atop the rocket, into space, but after that, the capsule needs to be able to bring crews to a safe landing using eight SuperDraco engines.

Part of that will require the Dragon 2 to hover with vehicle control so that it can land safely.

Elon Musk's company conducted a hover test back in November 2015, even before it successfully landed the Falcon 9 rocket vertically in December 2015, and it has finally released the video of Dragon 2 hovering for about five seconds.

According to SpaceX, the capsule's engines were able to generate approximately 33,000 pounds of thrust while it hovered

You can check out the video below.