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Podcasting and IT should be on primary curriculum

Sorry sir - a computer virus ate my homework
Sorry sir - a computer virus ate my homework

IT skills and the ability to create and access podcasts and make PowerPoint presentations should be as important to our children as Maths and English, a major school review has concluded.

A review by Sir Jim Rose suggests that secondary school students are already so proficient that IT teaching in primary schools for kids aged 5-11 should be stepped up.

Subjects should: "provide a better fit with children's developing abilities," which will include social activities that did not exist just a few years ago.


Primary school students should apparently be taught to use podcasts, make their own radio programmes and to turn in their homework on a disk.

Maths will be easier though – with the use of spreadsheets and formulas likely to be pushed.

Sir Jim said: ""Good primary teaching deepens children's understanding by firing their imagination and interest in learning.

"The primary curriculum needs to be forward-looking. Advances in technology and the internet revolution are driving a pace of unimaginable change."

We're all for teaching kids the skills that they will actually need at an early age, but if they could teach them to stop beating their elders and betters at Call of Duty 4 then that would also be appreciated.