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Marc Benioff and Parker Harris show off Salesforce1 Lightning

Dreamforce 2014
Meet Lightning

During day two of Dreamforce 2014, Marc Benioff introduced Lightning, a Salesforce1 platform designed to help companies create apps even faster than before.

The second generation app is designed to be a one-stop-shop dashboard for customers to build mobile apps.

No coding experience is needed to create engaging experiences and the process of developing engaging experiences is sped up. Though that isn't to say developers won't be needed. The Salesforce1 blog further explains the expedited process:

"The key point is that developers can now build components instead of building apps from scratch. This means developers can now go faster and reuse components which will help everyone in our entire ecosystem go faster."

During the presentation, Coca Cola touted the speed of the app, and its simple interface. The framework itself was also demonstrated for the first time by Salesforce Co-Founder Parker Harris.

The Salesforce1 Lightning Framework is available now and the App Builder will be available on iOS, Android and Windows devices in November.