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Has the nanny state finally gone mad?

Another idiot

Much hilarity today as several leading news organisations report on the news that London’s Brick Lane has become the testing ground for a new initiative ostensibly aimed at reducing ‘walk and text’ injuries.

According to the findings of a recent survey, so the story goes, the number of people paying far too much attention to their phone’s text predictor tool and not enough to where they are going has resulted in an alarming rise in the number of heads colliding with lamp posts.

58,000 idiots

The survey claims that in London last year alone a good 58,000 people sustained some form of injury this way – including everything from minor cuts and bruises to a broken neck.

Fashionable Brick Lane, the survey claims, is apparently the epicentre of this clumsiness. Furthermore, the phenomenon is seemingly on the rise and something needs to be done; hence the launch of the cushioned lamp post trial.

But as ever with stories of this calibre, not all is quite as it seems. In fact it turns out that the company behind the ‘survey’ is none other than search engine specialist 118 118. Yes, that of the wacky ’taches, tracksuits and, err, mobile text services…

And surprise, surprise: the cushioned lamp posts on Brick Lane where this ‘safety trial’ is taking place are adorned with… yep, 118 118 adverts.