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Sega plans toy robot dog to fill Aibo void

Mio will have a very limited degree of intelligence - akin to a Big Brother contestant perhaps

If you're still mourning the demise of Sony's Aibo robot pet early last year, then perhaps your ears will perk up and your tail wag a little at this. Sega Toys in Japan is releasing its own robot dog this autumn.

The former game giant's most fun wing has unveiled a walking toy robot, known as Mio . It looks suitably futuristic and which has Aibo-like sensors for responding to being petted.

Making eyes

The sensors on its back, chin and head are accompanied by screens that serve as expressive 'eyes' with hundreds of different emotions possible. In other words, if you send it to the doghouse, it's capable of looking like the sad puppy it is.

Considering that Mio will cost just ¥9,240 (£38) when it's released in October, we don't expect it to be as smart as its illustrious predecessor. But at least you won't have to break the bank to find out.