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First rubbish truck powered by rubbish

The lean, green rubbish-collecting machine
The lean, green rubbish-collecting machine

A green-thinking council in the UK debuted the world's first rubbish truck powered by rubbish.

The refuse truck, a modified Ford Transit powered by a 40kWh lithium-ion battery, is doing the rounds in Huddersfield.

The way it works is actually fairly simple: the rubbish that is collected during the truck's rounds is put into an incinerator back at the lorry's depot. This energy is used in recharging the vehicle's battery.

Load of rubbish

The battery is powerful enough to power the Ford Transit for a 100 miles, with a top speed of 50Mph.

A full charge takes around 6-8 hours, so the truck is hooked up to a newly installed charging station at the plant overnight.

Speaking about the truck, Cabinet member David Sheard, from Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire, said: "We are advised by the manufacturer this will be the first vehicle worldwide that will be powered by the waste it collects and which then gets recycled as electricity.

"If this initiative is successful there are other vehicles used across the council that we would look to replace with electric vehicles once they reach the end of their useful life."