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Dyson unveils two new fans

James Dyson's biggest fans
James Dyson's biggest fans

Dyson's Air Multiplier blade-less fan certainly didn't lack for hype when it appeared, but for those who needed a little more air movement, the company has now added two bigger versions to its portfolio.

The original Dyson Air Multiplier fan split the TechRadar office between those shouting expensive gimmick and those who thought they were the coolest objects since they bought their Dyson vacuum cleaner and Mac.

Those in the first camp won't be especially impressed that you can now buy even more expensive options.

A penny less than 300 quid

The giant eye-of-the-needle-like AM02 Tower Fan weighs in at £299.99, which is also the price of the AM03 which keeps the more familiar circle, but gives it a giraffe neck.

So, if you hate the 'unpleasant buffering' of normal fans, then you can make the choice between a new netbook and something to make you cooler in summer.

It will, of course, at the very least be a talking point, even if the UK seems a strange place for expensive cooling solutions.

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