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Daniel Radcliffe wants some Privacy in new Edward Snowden inspired play

Daniel Radcliffe wants some Privacy in New York
Daniel Radcliffe wants some Privacy in New York

'Privacy' is not the title of an frustrated celeb's autobiography, it is in fact the name of a new tech-inspired play starring Harry Potter alumnus, Daniel Radcliffe.

The play is set to take an unflinching look at "what our technological choices reveal about who we are, what we want and just who's keeping track of it all".

Based on Edward Snowden's revelations and the current ongoing debate about encryption and internet privacy, it looks like a gripping exploration of the topic, bolstered by interviews with journalists, politicians and academics.

It's not the first time Daniel Radcliffe has gotten into technology-based dramas, having starred in controversial BBC drama about the creators of Grand Theft Auto last year.

The play will debut in New York at The Public Theatre July 5- August 7 and tickets will be on sale May 24.

There's no word yet on whether Edward Snowden will make a cameo.

Image // The BBC

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