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320-gigapixel photo of London shatters world records

London panorama
Can you see your house from here?

British Telecommunications (BT) and 360Cities have teamed up to create a record-shattering 320-gigapixel panoramic photo of London.

The view is of the city as seen from the BT tower, and reportedly took four days to shoot with four cameras firing simultaneously. The final image is over 48,000 photos stitched together, according to Discovery News.

Lookey here

This creates an image of London with incredible detail. Using the panorama tool on the BT website, you can not only pan around in a full circle, but zoom right in on each building, so much that you can identify objects inside.

An earlier record for largest photo was also recorded in London. In 2010, an 80-gigapixel photo took the crown, with 360Cities boasting that you could look into 10,000 windows with this image.

A post on Reddit has users posting screenshots of interesting things they discover when looking at the photo, with one poster to the forum spotting what he hoped wasn't a human skull.