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CES 2007: TDK previews 200GB Blu-ray discs

TDK has 200GB prototype Blu-ray discs on show here at CES in Las Vegas. The founder member of the Blu-ray Association also took the wraps of another format variation on Blu-ray - 8cm Mini Blu-ray discs.

While we're not overly amused at the prospect of yet another format, the discs will still be fairly capacious at 16.5GB and are designed for use in the camcorder market.

The 200GB discs store around 18 hours of HD video encoded at 24Mbps. Discs of such capacity will initially be aimed at the professional market for archival purposes.

TDK also said it will be shipping 50GB Blu-ray Discs over the next couple of month as well as Thermal and Inkjet Printable BD-R discs by the middle of the year, but as yet there is no word on 100GB discs. TDK demonstrated 100GB prototypes last Autumn.

The company is also exhibiting its new, robust Snap N' Save cases for DVD and CD sized media. Could this be yet another sign of worry over the durability of Blu-ray discs?

Concerns have previously surfaced about the proximity of the recording layer to the surface - just 1mm away - and the ability of the company's Durabis coating to prevent scratching.