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Major Vista updates to emerge before SP1

Windows Vista has been the subject of many reported performance issues

Microsoft's Windows group has released a beta version of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to a selected group of testers. However, a Microsoft blogger has also spilled the beans on an earlier raft of major updates.

Official Windows Vista team blogger Nick White says that Microsoft has also released other updates for testing which will "ultimately be part of SP1" though it's likely they could be released sooner - perhaps signalling Microsoft's need to make Vista more stable.

"We also released today five reliability packages via for testing by selected members of the community. These packages consist of numerous improvements to Windows Vista based on user feedback, and while they will also ultimately be part of SP1, we're working to make them available before the final version of SP1 is released."

Windows Team blogger Brendon LeBlanc shares his experiences of testing SP1 over at the Windows Vista Experience Blog.

"The first thing I noticed after installing SP1 was the logon experience when logging into Windows Vista. On entering my password, and logging into my account, I noticed improvements to responsiveness that weren't there before," he says. Okay, so this is a Microsoft employee talking, but it makes for interesting reading all the same.