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Download of the day: FreeFileSync


There's never an excuse not to backup your vital data, and FreeFileSync makes it easier than ever.

Why you need it

Cloud storage is all the rage, but if you're looking to sync files to separate hard drives or partitions (rather than to online storage), you'll need to look for alternatives. That's where FreeFileSync comes in.

Syncing files across from one hard drive to another using FreeFileSync is a simple process, and the program can even copy long filenames or programs that are nestled in a lot of sub folders, something that would throw up an error were you to use the standard Windows transfer utility. This makes it ideal if you've just bought a new hard drive and want to move your documents onto it without being interrupted by errors and message boxes.

You can set up scheduled backups if you need to sync files on a recurring basis, which makes it ideal for heavy duty users and novices alike; administrators looking to keep network files safe and secure will love the option to create hourly backups, while less seasoned users will find this feature provides peace of mind even if such regular syncs are not required.

So how's this for a New Year's resolution: pledge to keep your data safely backed up with FreeFileSync.

Key features

  • Works on: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Versions: Free
  • Backup: Keep your files safe from disaster and back them up with FreeFileSync
  • Schedule: No matter what your needs are, you can select an appropriate schedule to regularly sync your data

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