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Oracle releases In-Memory Applications

Oracle has made a move in the real time analytics market with the announcement of a bunch of In-Memory Applications for its Oracle Engineered Systems.

It says this will wipe out the runtime for complex data crunching, providing support for quick decisions on the relevant business areas.

This comes shortly after Oracle indicated it aims to grab a significant share of the 'fast data' business through it 'device to data centre' concept.

The new range includes Oracle e-Business Suite In-Memory Cost Management, variations on its PeopleSoft applications, EnterpriseOne Sales Advisor and Project Portfolio Management, and applications for Oracle Supply Chain Management and Siebel Customer Relationship Management.

The applications will run on Oracle Engineered Systems, which it says can make apps run as much as 16 times faster.

Steve Miranda, Oracle Executive Vice President of Application Development, said: "The release of Oracle In-Memory Applications will help organisations not only complete load runs faster, but also discover new insights for efficiencies that would have been previously overlooked."

The applications are expected to be available later in the year.