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Lithium adds real-time analytics to its social management tool

Better analytics on social
Better analytics on social

Lithium Technologies has made its social analytics tool (LSW Analytics) generally available as part of its social media management tool. The addition will enable organizations to track a variety of metrics in real time across social media.

LSW Analytics features include a balance agent workload that helps social media managers identify activity spikes, and an address priority tool that shows administrators if and when high priority issues are addressed.

With LSW Analytics, Lithium is hoping to help businesses gather data on how fast customer service, sales and marketing are responding to customer inquiries. Organizations will be able to follow trending topics to determine if new strategies and products are receiving mentions.

Lithium expands

Earlier this year, Lithium acquired social influence company Klout. At the time Lithium said the acquisition would create one of the biggest datasets of consumer attitudes, preferences, and activities on digital channels. It also said the added capabilities that Klout brings to the company will help Lithium to deliver more services built around advocacy, loyalty, and enhanced profiles.

Lithium software has more than 300 clients, including Best Buy, Sephora and Skype.