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Japanese robot takes to the stage

Do the robot
Do the robot

A robot in Japan was given its theatrical debut this week. Known as the Wakamaru, the robot has been dubbed by its creators as having an 'independent personality'.

This was shown to be the case when the three-foot tall 'bot put on a 20-minute acting masterclass in the play Hataraku Watashi (I, Worker).

I, Worker is said to be the first robot-human artistic collaboration. Those who dubbed it that obviously haven't seen the Paris Hilton porn tape.

Debut production

The production was debuted at Japan's Osaka University, and was written by playwright Oriza Hirata, a visiting professor at the Centre of the Study of Communication-Design.

While there's been no actual reviews of the robot's acting, some who have seen it have given the performance 10/10 – TechRadar is unsure whether this is a rating or binary code that only the robot can understand.