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Juror goes on trial over MP3 player contempt

Another iPod idiot? It's not clear what kind of MP3 player the woman was listening to

A woman who was kicked off the jury in a murder trial for allegedly listening to her MP3 player in court has gone on trial herself today.

The 20-year old woman was reportedly on a jury overseeing the trial of a man who allegedly bludgeoned his wife to death. Reports suggest that she was discovered to be listening to music instead of paying attention to key evidence.

The juror was held for being in contempt of court and a judge will decide this week whether she deserves to spend time in custody.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was exposed by a fellow juror after she was allegedly seen to have headphone wires around her neck.

Legal experts have described the woman's behaviour as "astonishing and unique".

iPod idiocy?

"There was a complaint made by a fellow juror during the course of the luncheon adjournment," said Judge Roger Chapple, presiding over the original murder trial.

"The juror had seen wires disappearing into the juror in question's headscarf and heard her music emanating from that juror while we were in court and everyone else was listening with close attention to important evidence of the defendant.

The case will continue on August 6, with a verdict expected on the day.