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Klipsch in the dock

Get horny with Klipsch's unique iPod dock

Indiana-based speaker company, Klipsch, has launched a £99 iPod dock that it claims has 'audiophile' credentials. The iGroove SXT sees a welcome return to the UK for the US brand who has been operating since 1946.

The iGroove SXT is a two-way, stereo sound system that employs dual long-throw 64mm (2.5-inch) woofers in a ported enclosure and dual 19mm(3/4-inch) MicroTractrix horn-loaded tweeters. The horn tweeters are the iGroove's USP - Klipsch is the only company in this category to utilise horn technology, something it has been famous for throughout its 60-year history.

Horny dock

The result, Klipsch says, is a design that "delivers a richer, more lifelike sound as well as producing more output using less energy." So it's eco-friendly, too.

In addition to its unique tweeter tech, the iGroove boasts compatibility with other devices via its auxiliary input, IR remote control and charging ability for any iPod with a 30-pin connector. A number of universal adaptors also accommodate the various other incarnations, and Shuffles (as well as other portable music devices) can connect at the unit's rear.

It also comes with a S-video output, allowing users to view the iPod's video content on an external monitor.