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Apple iPod glow aids rescue team

The glow from his iPod saved Pini Nou's life

A hopelessly lost mushroom picker was rescued over the weekend after a search team spotted the glow from his Apple iPod .

The heartwarming tale took place in Benton County, Oregon, US when 25-year-old Pini Nou of Vancouver became lost in thick vegetation. He was on a mushroom hunt with his mother.

According to his mother, Nou is "a city boy".

After the pair became separated she spent a couple of hours searching for him, but was unable to locate him in the thick foliage. She called in local search-and-rescue units around 7pm.

Nou was able to make calls from his mobile when he was in coverage, helping the search party hone in on him. At 1.12am, Nou was found after waving the screen of his Apple player.

Due to the dense undergrowth, it still took rescuers 22 minutes to hack through the vegetation to reach him. Dan Grabham