Missing mobile rescue service

The e-tag service from Yougetitback.com can remotely disable your device

A service to reunite lost and stolen phones and PDAs with their rightful owners, using an electronic e-tag application, has been launched in the UK by Yougetitback.com .

The lost-and-found service operates by using an application that sits on the handset which can be activated remotely if the device goes missing. Users of the service can visit the Yougetitback.com website and effectively disable their phone or PDA. They can stop outgoing calls to numbers other than the Yougetitback.com call centre, while giving the finder details onscreen of how to return the device. To further encourage this, a small reward is also offered.

Once the phone or PDA is retrieved, Yougetitback.com returns it to its registered owner with the e-tag deactivated. The company, which specialises in lost and found security tag services for a range of products, is offering a remote back up and delete facility for sensitive information held on phones and PDAs, with the ability to transfer data to another device.

Full details of device compatibility and pricing of the service are still to be confirmed, a spokesperson for Yougetitback.com told Tech.co.uk, although the service is expected to be available to consumers this month.