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Apple's App Store passes 30 billion downloads

Apple's App Store passes 30 billion downloads
Apple announces big app numbers

Apple has thrown out some amazing stats about its app store for its suite of iDevices – taking a swipe at Android in the process.

At WWDC 2012 CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to confirm that over 30 billion downloads have occurred on the service, and announced some other impressive milestones too.

That's doubled in less than a year, with 15 billion downloaded by July 2011.

There are also over 650,000 applications available on the Store too – with 225,000 of these designed specifically for the iPad.

What you got, Google?

"This compares to just a few hundred for our competition," noted Cook, clearly aiming at Android's low levels of choice.

"We're very pleased to announce a new milestone: users have downloaded an astounding 30 billion apps.

"The number is so mind boggling and unthinkable just a few months ago."

Apple is claiming it has the widest number of subscribed users with 400 million accounts signed up with credit card details.