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Apple App Store about to hit 25 billion downloads

Apple App Store about to hit 25 billion downloads
App downloads reaching dizzying heights

The Apple App Store is underlining its power in the world of applications with a huge milestone of 25 billion app downloads fast approaching.

The Cupertino brand is understandably proud of the achievement, which counts apps across iPod, iPhone and iPad.

To that end, it's offering up a $10,000 (£6,300) App Store voucher for whoever manages to become the lucky 25,000,000,000th downloader of an application.

Good luck spending that

We're not sure how you'd really be able to ever spend that much on apps, iTunes stock or iBooks - but Apple must be hoping that anyone who spends that much on its wares will stay an Apple user for ever.

The App Store only managed to get to 15 billion downloads in July last year, which means 10 billion apps have been snared in just seven months.

The debate over which is the most successful app portal still rages, with the likes of Android and Windows Phone both offering decent alternatives. However, with these numbers on offer, it's clear to see Apple is still on top of the application pile.