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Wi-FI to dominate Internet of Things landscape

'Things': love Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is what will make Internet of Things happen according to a Goldman Sachs research report written by Simona Jankowski.

"Just like wired access (copper and fiber) laid the foundation for the fixed Internet, and cellular access (3G and 4G) enabled the mobile Internet, we expect Wi-Fi to be the enabler of the Internet of Things," Jankowski stated.

Wi-Fi uses is expected to be the dominant wireless access technology for IoT for a number of reasons.

Cellular still essential

It uses unlicensed spectrum (which means that it doesn't require monthly access fees) and usually draws less power in use or idling.

In addition, transfer rates achieved by Wi-Fi are unmatched by 3G or 4G, and Wi-Fi is still the better option for indoors connectivity where 3G/4G is inexistent.

However, for M2M applications that require always-on connectivity, 3G/4G is essential.

The paper quotes another survey carried out by VDC Research which stated that 70% of organisations expect the internet of things to use Wi-Fi primarily.

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