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Forget USB, eSATA is where it's going

WD's MyBook World Edition is a basic 500GB NAS device - could it have eSATA in the future?

External SATA connections will replace USB and Ethernet for many storage needs. That's according to Western Digital 's vice president of marketing. Catherine Scott popped into the offices to give us the rundown on WD's new MyBook World Edition - it's a basic 500GB NAS device for sharing across a network.

When asked whether the high-bandwith eSATA connection was something the company was considering adding, Scott clearly indicated it was "something that will come".

Scott also seemed sure eSATA would become a routine feature of network storage in the future due to its high bandwith. Daniel Mauerhofer, European PR manager, indicated to that the MyBook series was "selling very well".

External SATA was standardised in 2004 and is an alternative to USB and FireWire - which, Scott says, Apple is still committed to. eSATA certainly has one major appeal: a transfer speed of up to 2,400 Mbits/s as opposed to the fastest 480Mbits/s rate for USB 2.0.

Scott also showed off WD's $60 per annum Anywhere Access service that enables you to remotely access your PC from any location.