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Teens spend most time online

MySpace is the top-ranked social networking site for young people

Young people aged 16-25 spend 24 per cent more time online than the average net user. The statistics, reported by comScore , also showed that this age group was far more likely to be online than the rest of the populace.

"The higher use of the internet among those aged 15 to 24 reflects the fact that this age group has grown up online, demonstrating how integral the internet is to their lives," said Bob Ivins of comScore Europe.

Teens' most popular sites reflected those also visited by the rest of the population. These included Google , Microsoft and Yahoo -owned sites plus the BBC , although MySpace crept into fifth place.

The comScore study also found - perhaps unsurprisingly - that social networking sites particularly appeal to the 15 to 24 age category. Facebook was among the most popular. A recent comScore report for the MediaGuardian reckoned that Facebook has neigh on 3.5 million UK users.