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Yamaha digital sound projector goes online

Yamaha's range of digital sound projectors now have their own website

Yamaha 's hoping to woo web surfers with a brand new website that highlights its range of one-box multi-channel speaker systems. The site, , explains what a digital sound projector technology is, how it works and where you can buy one from. And the site is extra worth a visit now, because Yamaha is giving a YSP-900 away as a competition prize.

The digital sound projector was invented by Cambridge-based technology firm 1Limited . The projector uses radar-type technology to send out a multi-channel audio signal from a speaker array mounted below your TV. The projector uses beam-steering to precisely aim the signal at its intended location.

Surround effects are then bounced off your viewing or listening room walls to create a 3D effect.

Having tried it out for ourselves we can vouch for its effectiveness. It certainly beats dotting a bunch of individual speaker boxes, plus their associated cable clutter all around your living space.