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Death of Digg is not exaggerated - the reaction

Digg's traffic isn't what it used to be
Digg's traffic isn't what it used to be

Our article, 'The death of Digg is not exaggerated', with certain post-modernist irony, got to the Digg front page yesterday, at one point being the #2 article in the What's Hot – All Topics panel. It also made the HOT page of Digg's main rival Reddit.

Some interesting comparisons:

  • The article received 3,936 up votes on Reddit and 616 up votes on Digg
  • It got 1,032 comments on Reddit and 168 comments on Digg
  • We received 64,584 referred visits from Reddit and 20,863 referrals from Digg

Obviously you can't draw any firm conclusions from just one article, but looking back at the history of referrals from articles which also made the All Topics top 10, this article got only about a quarter to a third of the number I'd have expected under Digg 3.

Any other site owners out there care to share some data?

Stuart Anderton is the Publishing Director of TechRadar