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Survey suggests a third of UK surf on loo

Yahoo research into surfing habits
Yahoo research into surfing habits

Britons are so reticent to be disconnected from the internet that they are willing to surf while at the dinner table or even on the loo, according to a survey.

Research conducted on behalf of Yahoo Mobile, which polled 1500 people, suggests that nearly 30 per cent have surfed while visiting the water closet.

Alarmingly, 21 per cent of people have also been known to surf while eating at the dinner table, but some other figures show some level of decency.


Techradar is shocked that only 7 per cent confess to surfing during wedding ceremonies (surely the other 93 per cent want to know the footy scores?) and a lowly 5 per cent surf when in bed.

Charles Sword, Director of Yahoo Mobile, Europe, comments: "This study reveals just how addicted the great British public is to getting information wherever they are.

"Today's findings reinforce the importance of delivering mobile users with relevant information quickly and easily."