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Kids' secret online shopping sprees

Credit crunch
Do you know what your kids are doing with your credit card?

Around 20 per cent of children have used their parents' credit cards to buy goods online without their knowledge according to a survey by CPP.

CPP, a life assistance group, has data that suggests that children are using their knowledge of technology to buy things for themselves online without telling their parents.

Just two per cent of parents believed that their credit cards had been used without their knowledge by their kids – in stark contract to the 20 per cent that apparently have - and only six per cent believe that their children have any access to their credit card details at all.


In what amounts to little surprise, 70 per cent of children know the websites that their parents shop at and a fifth know user names and passwords.

Parents are making it easier by saving their details and bookmarking sites, allowing other people with access to the computer to easily make new purchases.

Michael Lynch, an identity theft expert at CPP, said: "We are urging parents to be very vigilant with their bank card details, which may check any illicit temptation to shop online.

"Being lax with details online could not only tempt children into making sneaky purchases online, but also exposes parents to the dangers of online fraud."