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Barracuda launches virtual license portability

Barracuda CEO William Jenkins
Barracuda CEO William Jenkins

Security and storage company Barracuda Networks will launch virtual license portability that will enable clients to migrate some Barracuda products between public and private cloud environments at no additional cost.

Barracuda clients that have purchased subscription solutions for on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments will be able to migrate the services between any kind of cloud environment. This will guarantee that organizations working on a hybrid-based model don’t have to relinquish Barracuda licenses (or pay for an upgrade) if they diversify the cloud model off of which they will work.

Portability will be available on Barracuda’s Spam Firewall Vx and Web Application Firewall Vx products on August 3. Additionally, Barracuda will add portability to Load Balancer ADC Vx, Web Filter Vx, and SSL VPN Vx, in the future. It is immediately unclear when portability will be available for these additional products.

Barracuda provides storage and security tools to more than 150,000 organizations, including AOL, CBS and Con Edison.