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Richer Sounds gets royal AV stamp of approval

Richer Sounds - now supplying royal sounds
Richer Sounds - now supplying royal sounds

AV specialist Richer Sounds has announced this week that its chain of stores has been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

The prestigious title is for companies that supply goods to the Royal Family, with hundreds of products given the seal ranging from Aston Martin to Xerox.

Honoured and delighted

There's not that many technology companies on the list, however, with Richer Sounds joining a select list that includes: Carphone Warehouse, Roberts Radio, Linn, IBM and BT.

David Robinson, Chairman of Richer Sounds, said about the award: "We are honoured and delighted to be granted this Royal Warrant of Appointment – this a wonderful start to 2011!"

Richer Sounds was recently praised for coming out well in a Which? investigation that looked at the competence of staff at various major electronic retailers.

In the report, the consumer charity said: "Richer Sounds was the chain with the highest number of visits we rated as excellent or good for advice about televisions. In general, it was the most accurate about sound quality and one branch was the best of all the stores we visited at explaining the difference between HD Ready and full HD."