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Denon defies credit crunch with £3.3k Blu-ray

£3.3k 'universal' Blu-ray player from Denon. Ridiculous!
£3.2k 'universal' Blu-ray player from Denon. Ridiculous!

Got money to actually burn? If so, you might want to burn some on Denon's top-of-the-range Blu-ray player, the DVD-A1UD.

Denon pitches it as the world's first universal Blu-ray player, featuring Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio as well as standard DVD-Video and CD playback.

Hirofumi Ichikawa, President of Denon, said: "Further advances in digital signal processing technology have been improving the quality of pictures and sound played from packaged media.

"As the industry's first universal player with Blu-ray, the DVD-A1UD universal player with Blu-ray embodies not only new concepts that have been applied to Denon's wealth of technology and expertise, but it has been completed with considerable passion.

"We urge all devotees of home entertainment systems to experience the best that Blu-ray as well as DVD-Video/Audio, Super Audio CD, and CD can offer."

Denon's DVD-A1UD costs £3,299 and is released in the UK in March.