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After a colossal wait, PS4-exclusive The Last Guardian confirmed to arrive this year

The Last Guardian confirmed to arrive this year

After an interminably long nine-year gestation period, it's been revealed that The Last Guardian, the latest game from Fumito Ueda (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus), will finally be released this year.

In an interview for the upcoming issue of our sister publication, Edge magazine, Ueda stated that "this is the year we will see the game's release." He continued, "I do have some worries, but I'm also very excited."

While it may be a little hard to believe Ueda's comments, given the amount of time fans have already been anticipating The Last Guardian, Sony Australia has confirmed to Kotaku that the game will indeed be released in 2016.

Originally developed as a PS3 title, The Last Guardian has since migrated over to the PS4, where it will be released exclusively.