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Freaky robot girl shown off at Ceatec

Meet Repliee R-1 - isn't she cute?
Meet Repliee R-1 - isn't she cute?

One of the scariest things to come out of the Ceatec show in Japan – and possibly anywhere – was footage of a lifelike five-year-old robot girl, named Repliee R-1.

Apparently based on a real kid – the parents must be so proud – the look of the robot (or Actroid to give it its 'real' name) is more The Grudge than AI.

Paranoid Actroid

Developed by the folks at Osaka University, Repliee R-1 is the latest in a long line of humanoid robots developed with strong visual human-likeness.

Silicone skin has been used to give the robot a more lifelike appearance and the researchers at Osaka university have upped the amount of sensors used from 47 to 50.

The robotics centre at the uni has been producing Actroids since 2003, which have the ability to interact with people and recognise speech.

Hopefully Repliee R-1 wasn't too taken aback with the amount of 'WTFs?' that must have been muttered during her recent outing in Ceatec.