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Apple to phase out white plastic laptops

Goodbye white Apple MacBooks, you have served us well...

Apple is to phase out the current designs for its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks later this year, according to reports on AppleInsider.

The company is said to be doing away with the use of plastic cases, which means an end to the iconic white Mac laptop, should the reports be true.

“Of the two, the 13-inch consumer MacBooks will undergo the most significant metamorphosis, shedding their plastic enclosures for ones constructed from more eco-friendly materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel,” claims the report.

Less hidebound

Chris Phin, deputy editor on MacFormat, commenting on the rumour, told us: "Though it's inevitable that Apple will refresh its industrial design lexicon, there's no strong evidence presented in the AppleInsider story that this change is imminent. It would be great to see, though; the engineering and design of the MacBook Pro, in particular, are beginning to feel forced and tired.

Phin added: "The more modern design touches such as the magnetic latch and easily-replaceable hard disk of the MacBook make it feel like a more innovative, less hidebound creation."

Apple refused to comment on rumour or speculation when contacted by TechRadar on the matter earlier today.