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Solid-state drives hit 1TB at top speed

Toshiba SSD
Other SSDs are available, but none touches 1TB yet

If you though solid-state storage for computers was too small and too expensive, then it may be time to reconsider at least one of those factors, after the industry reached its first 1TB SSD.

The device is likely to be aimed initially at servers, but that doesn't take away from the impressive nature of pureSilicon's achievement, as announced at CES this week.

Space saver

The Nitro Series 2.5-inch SATA II SSDs start at 32GB and run right up to that 1TB monster we opened with. There's no word on pricing, but you can bet they won't come cheap.

PureSilicon says four of the 1TB drives can yield 4TB in the same space as the standard 3.5-inch hard drive most servers rely on today, thereby saving both space and energy consumption.

Fast with it

The leap in storage is thanks to a higher data density of 15.4GB per cubic centimetre, which pureSilicon says is three times better than in any other SSD.

Lastly, the drives are fast – supposedly, they push the 300MB/s limit of SATA II very close. Availability is slated for the third quarter of 2009.