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Secret Drive sports security button

Logitec's Secure Drive has automatic encryption to keep your data safe

Logitec's new 160GB Secret Drive is a USB 2.0 external hard drive with a twist - at the push of a button it knows exactly which parts of your sensitive data to hide from snoopers.

The 31,700 Yen (£136) drive will be available in Japan in January and has a button on the side marked 'security'. Assuming you've set up the drive with the supplied encryption software, a single press of the button will render the pre-set private area invisible. Moreover, without the password unauthorized users can't even format the drive.

Other attributes are useful too, including a shock-proof body that can handle falls from about a metre, a power-save mode that conserves electricity and an eject button that removes the need to use the computer's OS to eject the drive, which can be fiddly in Windows.

Lastly, the Secret Drive is manufactured according to Japan's strict RoHS eco-friendly guidelines, is bus-powered and so needs no adapter and even looks pretty good. J Mark Lytle