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Super-safe car drives itself round the bend

Nissan car
Nissan's newest cars aim to make the roads a lot safer

Next time you're out for a drive and take a corner too fast, don't be surprised if the car takes over and physically lifts your foot off the accelerator.

That, of course, is if you're driving one of the new model Nissan Fugas that the Japanese carmaker plans on releasing in the autumn.

Sat-nav data

The 'navigation-cooperative intelligent pedal' system takes information from the car's satellite navigation about the sharpness of a bend and compares what it knows to be a safe speed with the actual speed at the time.

It then, if necessary, audibly warns the driver to slow down and takes the drastic action of pushing the accelerator pedal up against his foot if he continues to speed.

Smoother ride

On top of that, the new Fuga also comes with something called 'active stability assist,' which uses sensors through the car to monitor the smoothness of the ride, particularly when travelling along a winding road.

It uses the information to individually control the timing of how each of the wheels breaks, which apparently yields an easier ride and gives the driver a better sense of control.