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Vinyl goes digital on MP3-creating turntable

By removing the PC from the MP3 equation, Scitek's jukebox could appeal to older audiophiles

Anyone who happens to still have a collection of pre-CD vinyl albums is likely, on the face of it, to also be a bit of a retro fan. So the latest '50s-style turntable from Scitec Japan should appeal on both fronts.

The ¥29,800 (£120) ' Digital Juke Box ' goes on sale this week. It has a clear mandate to encourage hesitant music fans to make the switch from analogue to digital through its turntable/MP3 recorder combination.

Get ripping

The player has no memory of its own. But audio ripped from vinyl can be stored on any USB mass-storage device, such as a flash drive or an external hard disk, or on an SD card. MP3 files ranging from 64 to 256Kbit/s can be created from CD too, while playback extends to WMA files as well.

Add an AM/FM radio on top of those throwback good looks and Scitek's device could be just the ticket for helping the last few analogue holdouts go digital. Given that no PC is needed, a barrier common to many in mobile-crazy Japan is lifted.