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Roberts' new DAB eases pain of your morning alarm

The Roberts Glow Time is going to ease you into your mornings

Roberts' new DAB clock radio, the "Glow Time" launches later in March and is undoubtedly the perfect Easter pressie for non-DAB owning friends and family. The company claims it makes waking up in the morning a gentler and more ‘humane’ experience.

Anything that can tone down the pain of getting up for work on a cold, wet Monday morning in the bleak mid-winter is something to be applauded.

In addition to being a handy DAB radio for the bedroom, Roberts' Glow Time features an easy-to-read full-screen blue backlit display and a multi-stage dimmer.

British summertime blues

Roberts is pegging the Glow Time as “the perfect solution for those sleepy eyes when forced to open a whole hour early” which is a nice way of reminding us that British summertime starts in just over a month’s time.

It will be made available in white and silver, or black and silver at £49.99, which might sound a bit costly for an alarm clock, but it’s a decent price for a Roberts DAB product, which are nicely robust, have a lovely ‘warm’ sound and are generally well-designed.