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Realmac Software LittleSnapper review

Do we really need another screen capture program?

Realmac Software LittleSnapper
You can snap an entire website from LittleSnapper's own browser

Our Verdict

A promising first release but doesn't currently offer value for money


  • Apple-like interface
  • Useful and convenient tools
  • Will appeal to designers


  • It's very expensive
  • Features duplicated by free apps
  • Needs time to mature

LittleSnapper is a capture tool and scrapbook for images, put together with graphic designers and web builders in mind.

Boasting an agreeably iLife-inspired interface, you can capture complete screens, user-defined areas and entire web pages, as opposed to just snapping the section you can see without scrolling up or down. Best of all, it captures web archives as well as a flat image.

Editing options

Element snapping lets you box out specific sections of a web page without dragging crosshairs, and you can tag, rate and describe your snaps, organise them into groups and folders or create on-the-fly smart albums, which group together snaps answering user-defined criteria.

Your grabs can be manipulated, edited and annotated, and annotations produced in LittleSnapper are non-destructive (you can add and delete them at will without damaging the original file).

There's a blur tool to conceal information like addresses or passwords, and you can upload from LittleSnapper to Flickr, FTP or its own QuickSnapper service.

There are several features we'd like to see: Multiple window grabs, allowing you to snap a window (for example) and a pop-up or pull-down menu within would be good. Small workgroups could also benefit from shared image collections, maybe over Bonjour. And quite a few of LittleSnapper's features are available in freeware applications.

You can capture web pages in Paparazzi, organise images in iPhoto, and capture, annotate and publish with Skitch. What's here is good, but considering it costs £29 for a single licence and £95 for five, it needs to do more.