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BullGuard Backup 7.0 review

Handy online back-up service, but at a price

When creating backups you'll be asked to create a back-up profile for each file or set of files

Our Verdict

The concept is good, but the price is high and we can't forgive its lack of support for other browsers


  • Good online interface

    Decent catalogueing


  • Only works with IE

    Works out expensive for lots of data

Online back-up subscription services are becoming more common, but like car or house insurance, it's a yearly cost that sees little return on investment. Of course, that's until something goes wrong, and having an online backup of all your music, photos, videos and documents suddenly seems like a lifesaver.

BullGuard Backup offers online storage of 3GB for £20, which isn't much if you intend to store a collection of music or video. It's then £10 for each extra gigabyte, which is expensive compared to similar services such as Xdrive (5GB free) or BT's Digital Vault (2GB free).

Upload speeds are reasonable at around 100Kbps, but your broadband package will determine how quickly you can get files onto the web. However, you can also archive files locally - on CD or USB, for instance.

The 128-bit encryption ensures the data's secure and all you need to do to access your files is visit . Yet what's shocking is that it only works in IE 5.5 or above. That's right, no support for Firefox, Opera or Safari, which severely limits this product's appeal. If you're running another browser apart from IE, you'll only be able to access a reduced, read-only version of the back-up folder.

Much like BullGuard's other products, the online back-up interface is attractive, easy to use and works well. It couldn't be simpler to locate and upload files, and BullGuard will sit in your system tray for quick access.

When creating backups you'll be asked to create a back-up profile for each file or set of files. This consists of information such as what data to back up, where to put it and when to perform scheduled backups - particularly useful for documents and emails.

The back-ups window, containing a list of all your backups, displays helpful information such as when the file was last backed up and when it's next due. This makes your online storage life very easy indeed.