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Backup My PC Deluxe 6 review

Championing yesterday's storage technology

Every function we're looking for is in here, but many are rendered useless

Our Verdict

Completely out-of-date technology makes a joke of its title


  • Manual archiving tools work well


  • Critical flaw in back-up utility

If, by some strange sequence of events, you became a back-up application, here's some advice. Demanding a series of blank DVDs, an original Windows XP CD and four floppy discs before you back-up a system will lose you roughly 40 per cent of your score in any discerning review.

While it's hard to fault Roxio when it comes to manually archiving select files, it's a joke if you want to back up your PC's contents. It won't recognise any hard drive - internal or external - as a valid back-up device for its Disaster Recovery Preparation Mode. And that new PC you just bought, which doesn't include a floppy disk drive (what with it being an outdated and unreliable technology) is suddenly worthless.

This totally negates Backup My PC as a complete system back-up tool, so let's turn out attention to its more day-today archiving.

All accessible from a wizard, you can back up or restore the entire gamut from nothing to everything on your PC, and to any storage device attached. This method uses a proprietary, non-executable file format, so to restore a complete system from it requires booting from an intact Windows installed on another PC or drive.

Restricted to documents, images et al, it's fast to archive and faster still to restore, although a complete system of 100Gb plus means at least three hours. On our test system, this process didn't slow the PC to a crawl, at least. Scheduled backups meant another failure however, again only offering the option to write to DVD or CD, and not to one of the multiple additional hard drives (both internal and external) in our system.

Backup My PC is a curious beast. Every function we're looking for is in here, but many are rendered useless because of its obsession with floppy disks and magnetic tape drives.