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Kaspersky Pure review

We take the top of the range Kaspersky antivirus suite for a test drive

Kaspersky Pure
It's a little more power for only small amount extra, but you won't be disappointed with the other editions if you don't need the extras


  • Application sandbox
  • Good virus detection
  • Powerful firewall


  • Price

Kaspersky currently offers three different security products, in escalating level of price: regular Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security and this one, Kaspersky Pure.

Both Antivirus and Pure are excellent performers, and caught all the malware in our test sweep without falling prey to any traps. The regular Antivirus proved marginally faster, while soaking up equally marginal extra system resources, and is a little cheaper, but Pure offers a few extra toys to play with. Whichever version you look at, it’s going to be an excellent product.

Internet Security bolts on extra parental controls and tune-up utilities. Pure adds backup to the mix and beefs up the firewall component, with more emphasis on the security of your home network.

The most interesting feature Kaspersky Internet Security/Pure includes is the ability to run applications in a sandbox, without you having to go to the trouble of setting up dedicated virtual machines. Any app you have installed can be locked away in one, identified by a radioactive green glow around its window. A shared folder handles any data-swapping.

You still shouldn’t use this to test programs you know are dodgy – or run them at all – but it’s a good extra to have when browsing the web or trying out new applications.

Kaspersky’s protection is a strong offering across the board, with a more informative control panel than most, but one that provides easy configuration options. It’s a little more power for only small amount extra, but you won’t be disappointed with the other editions if you don’t need the extras.

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