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Silvio Rizzi Reeder 1.0 review

The iPad's best newsfeed reader, for Mac

Silvio Rizzi Reeder 1.0
Reeder's UI is somewhat iOS-like; nonetheless, it works extremely well on the Mac


  • Useful customisation options
  • Fast and stable
  • Focussed approach
  • Single-click readability

Move over NetNewsWire – there's a new champ in town. Yes, that's how highly we regard Reeder, which has found its way to the Mac after cementing itself as a leading RSS reader for iPhone and iPad.

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On entering your Google Reader details (required for the app – an account is free if you don't already have one), your feeds are displayed at the left of the three-pane interface.

The second pane houses the current feed's articles list and the rightmost pane displays the current article. If you don't like the default setup, you can fiddle to your heart's content, amending sync frequency, font size, clickable toolbar icons, and a ton of single-key shortcuts to important actions.

The shortcuts are important; they enable keyboard users to navigate Reeder with speed – useful when you consider how it places a firm emphasis on single-item focus, unlike NetNewsWire's tab-based approach.

Trackpad users are also catered for, if you want to have swipes and pinches perform actions.

If there's a negative side to Reeder, it's that the interface looks and feels a little alien. It still broadly follows Mac conventions, but more conservative Mac users might feel a little lost (and some holdovers from iOS-style design seem superfluous, such as the two-pane iPhone-like 'Minimized' mode).

But such quirks aside, there's really nothing to dislike here: Reeder is efficient, dependable and offers great clarity in its presentation of articles.

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