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Clickfree Transformer review

Clickfree's latest offer hassle-free backup on the go

Clickfree Transformer
Competent and easy to use, this device makes backing up a doddle

Our Verdict

It makes things very easy and simple, but it's not quite perfect


  • Couldn't be simpler
  • Usable on multiple machines and hard drive


  • Limited configurability
  • Not cheap

Clickfree's products are designed to be as convenient and easy to use as possible, and the Transformer certainly achieves those laudable goals.

Once you've set up the application to suit your needs, performing backups is as simple as plugging it in. Restoring files back to your computer is easy too, although adding external drives to your back-up list could be more instinctive.

The Transformer can back up to any external USB hard drive, which is handy as your needs expand, but for all its strengths, £50 is pricey for a device with no storage of its own. It could be more configurable, too. For example, you can choose to back up photos, but you can't narrow that down to JPEGs only.

Clickfree's Transformer won't clone your hard drive or back up your apps, and if you already run an automatic back-up system, this device isn't designed to replace it. If you don't, though, it's a good means of securing your irreplaceable files and media.

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