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Miglia Dual Disk 500GB review

Fast and furious RAID unit that's ideal for video editing

There are two FireWire 800 ports at the rear and that's it

Our Verdict

The Miglia Dual Disk is a pricey but high-performance drive that's perfect for HD video editing


  • Impressive performance


  • Price on the high side

For some people, Miglia is the Bang & Olufsen of storage. The company's range of cases and Dual Disk products offers the ultimate in speed and design. Miglia dropped its popular Media Bank range around two years ago and has only just reintroduced a high-end storage product.

Designed to match the brushmetal finish of a Power Mac G5, the Dual Disk harnesses two 3.5-inch hard drives in a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration. Our test unit had two Western Digital Caviar 250GB drives with 8MB of cache. You can order the unit with Hitachi drives, which the company claims may be a little faster. However, with such good transfer speeds and the Caviars' low noise, we think the WD option is very good indeed.

The Dual Disk is designed for power users. There are two FireWire 800 ports at the rear and that's it; no USB nonsense or FireWire 400. This is the sort of drive you would use for HD video editing - with such high transfer speeds you wouldn't experience dropped frames.

We're happy to report that the Dual Disk we reviewed is quieter than the unit we looked at back in issue 154 of MacFormat. Apparently, the review sample we were sent then had the fan mounted the wrong way round, so it made too much noise.

When you consider that this is an all-aluminium frame with a fan and two drives, the Dual Disk's noise levels are quite low and perfectly acceptable in the setting of an editing suite or studio control room.

For the DIY nuts out there, you'll be pleased to know that the Miglia Dual Disk is also available as an empty case for £120 if you want to put your own drives inside. A 320GB version is available for £302.