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Worried about air pollution? A wearable purifier could help

Air purifiers are commonplace in homes and offices around the world, but a new wearable aims to keep what you breathe clean while you’re out and about too.

Vybra Solutions – a company that specializes in air purification tech – has revealed its new wearable device that it claims will improve your air quality wherever you go, even if you live in a polluted city.

It uses negative ions to improve air quality, much like how a normal air purifier works, but instead does it from around your neck.

Clean up your commute

The design is large around your neck and will be sure to turn heads while you’re wearing it. It looks and feels similar to LG's Tone headphones which sit around the back of your neck.

Unlike other air purifiers, this won’t make a noise while it’s working so it won’t irritate you on the go.

It also has a 32 hour battery life, so if you want to wear this for the full day, it shouldn’t cause any problems. You can then recharge it via micro USB.

Plans to bring the Vybra Solutions wearable air purifier to the consumer market are currently uncertain and there’s no word on exact pricing details at the moment.