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WOMAD festival goes wireless

WOMAD festival drops the wires
WOMAD festival drops the wires

The organisers of the UK WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) festival are to provide free wireless broadband for festival goers.

This means that not only can music fans download the tracks of newly discovered bands (using a specialised iPhone application), but they can also get access to sites like Twitter, which should make hooking up with friends much easier.

The organisers will use the latest Ruckus Wireless dual-band 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi system to provide outdoor wireless infrastructure services for the event organisers, alongside cashpoint (PDQ) services for traders and broadband access for festival goers.

Essentially it means traders can offer better payment services and there will be fewer wires to trip over - excellent.

Double the performance

According to Tom McInerney, Operations Director for Etherlive, the dual-band system enables organiser to "double the performance and range of the network at a lower cost and with fewer access points to deploy and manage."

In addition, the Ruckus Wi-Fi mesh uses new technology that automatically directs transmissions to the best performing signal path on the 802.11 protocol, enabling it to better cope with the usual interference and physical obstructions found all over these crazy festival sites.